Woodside Swing Team Expectations

We are excited to start up a new heritage of exceptional swing dancers. The purpose of this page is to  make clear the purpose, commitments, and some random benefits of being on Woodside Swing Team.


  • To improve the skill of those on team
  • To promote the Woodside Dance Hall
  • To spread swing fever
  • To have a ton of fun


  • Come to our weekly two hour practice on time and ready to work hard
  • Come to the Woodside Swing Dance weekly (not weakly)
  • Participate in all team performances and events
  • Each team member come up with one gig for the team (at least)
  • Share your skills (teach fellow team members as well as those who come to the weekly dance)
  • $35 up front or $13 up front and $2 weekly. This gets you a team T-Shirt and gets you into the dance every week for this block of team (one semester - three months).

Random Benefits:

  • Your shoes will get broken in
  • You will get a fantastic workout for at least two hours a week
  • You will spontaneously combust a move in random places such as Walmart, in line at the grocery store, on street corners, and any where else that you may be.