Woodside Swing Team

As part of our advertising for the dance hall, we also run a swing team. So far it has been run on the same schedule of the semesters at BYU-I because that is where most of the interest in team has come from.
We are very excited for this coming semester (Fall 2009) because we will have at least two brand new routines to teach to those on team. We hope to have three routines, but we may have to have the team help us choreograph the third one after the semester starts.
The two that we will have done are partner routines and the one that may not get done over the break is a single, mostly jazz routine. This single routine will be our signature piece since we are using the song Jumpin' at the Woodside!
The main requirements are:

  • Be there for the dance every week
  • Come to practice whenever it is held
  • Be willing to perform as many times as we can
  • Most importantly, Have fun!!
If you are interested in being part of the Woodside Swing Team, you are welcome to come. We do have some fairly rigorous expectations for team members though.